•  NuevaVida
    We work for justice
    Love, Hope and Mercy
    Serve one another with love
    Identify our own needs.
  • Intervention in the penitenciary centre
    The trademark of Nueva Vida,
    To give people hope and a new life
  • Strategies for youth employment
    AENV is a non-profit organization
    Job-seeking opportunities for people at risk of social exclusion
  •  Puntos de Formación Incorpora
    We offer courses equipping people for the job market
    With an objective to help people finding a job
  • Our location
    Bajada de la Encina nº 6

Asociación Evangélica Nueva Vida

AENV is an autonomous, private and non-profit organization that is based on the pursuit of justice. The organization works in favour of the most disadvantaged groups.

Nueva Vida came into being in 1998. The organization was established in essence to work for the deprived and marginalized. For the last 24 years we are helping people who need social justice, women victims of sexual exploitation and this year (2017) we look forward to start our new project that is based on helping the refugees.

  • Gobierno de Cantabria
  • Ayuntamiento de Santander
  • Obra Social la Caixa
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