Refugees project is a joint venture between various Christian organizations across Spain. Diaconia (a Christian NGO) has worked closely with other evangelical associations (Iglesia Evangélica Española (IEE); la Asociación Evangélica Nueva Vida, and Asociación de Ayuda Social Tharsis Betel, de Jerez) to offer housing placement social support to the refugees. Evangelical Association New Life is aimed at helping refugees arriving Cantabria.


During the next 18 months, Evangelical Association New Life will host 54 refugees arriving Cantabria. The project is divided into two parts:

  • A New Home: Aimed at offering housing placement. Furthermore, this side of the project will cover the basic needs (food, travelling, medical healthcare, clothes and etc).
  • Create your future: Aimed at equipping the refugees through various training programs in order to be employed in Spain

Our team of experts consists of economists, social workers, psychologists, lawyers, administrators, language teachers, who are motivated to help refugees to integrate into local society. Also, we welcome volunteers to help us in this project.