Our Projects

We work to adapt ourselves to new needs and try to maximize resources in order to continue contributing to a more fair and human society, always benefiting others.
We always believe that “the best is yet to come”, and in order to make it happen we continue working hard in our contribution to the change we all want.

Sexual exploitation Project

We help women victim of HST (Human Sexual Trafficking) and women who are willing to abandon prostitution networks and mafia.

Sheltering projects

For inmates and former inmates, including prison permits, 3rd penitentiary grade and conditional freedom regime.

Alternative sheltering

Reception of families in a situation of exclusion and temporary comprehensive care.

Job and social assistance

Job-searching actions and social assistance for families and individuals who want to gain access to the market.

Communication and awareness actions

We take part in campaigns and several actions to improve awareness on social issues. para la sensibilización y concienciación con jornadas educativas en institutos y actos públicos.

Jornadas educativas en institutos

Social mediation

Towards positive resolution of conflicts, professionally and confidentially

Social action in prison environments

Social actions in order to improve the lives of inmates

Psychological intervention in prison environments

Re-educational therapy for men found guilty of gender violence against couple.

Communities in risk of exclusion

We help restore dignity of people in risk of exclusion, also working for them in terms of job orientation, social integration and legal assistance.

Social management

Dedicated to help people in social exclusion

Housing sheltering “Princesa Letizia”

Care and assistance for homeless people

Cooperation Projects

In the international field

Disabled people assistance

For elder people in healthcare institutions

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