Julio García Celorio

Twenty years are gone since the establishment of Nueva Vida as an entity, and we enthusiastically continue contributing with social justice, deeply committed with dignity of human beings whatever circumstances they are involved in. In this presidential salute i want to acknowledge the professional and volunteer personnel of Nueva Vida, for their technical and good-willed work, which is the main active of our institution. Our task started when we recognized needs and injustice, and so we decided to find a way to solve them and provide others with answers. The fields where we work were not searched by us, but came to us out of need. Men and women in imprisonment, victims of Sexual Exploitation, discriminated communities…all asked for help at our doorstep.

The origin of the entity can be tracked back to the year 1998, and since its start it has been powered by compassion and the search for justice. We keep on believing that all human beings are equal and should be treated from equality. The social justice we all speak about is a principle that can only be understood through recognizing injustice in oneself and staring at others from an equality point of view.

Last year provided us with many good moments when we saw men and women find opportunities of change, and answers to their questions. This can be easily understood with a simple look at all the statistics compilated in our Annual Memory. Numbers are important, but the experiences we have lived next to them, the feelings and the number of times we tried and sadly failed are not easily quantified. Our work, however, will endure in time as long as the changes in all those lives, as small they may be, create an improvement long looked for.
Each men and women under our watch has been and is of extremely importance for the entity and our goal is set on giving human beings and trust relationships keep being the main value of the entity despite its growth. 

Under the light of results and enthusiasm given by such results we want to continue on the way we started, adapting to new needs and improving our awareness to be able to make new contributions to a more human and fair society. We also want to send a heartfelt thank you to all the public and private institutions that believed and keep believing in our work helping other human beings. From these lines I would like to express deep grateful feelings from all the men and women who are part of the big family of Nueva Vida and from me too.
I want to also thank God that helps us and inspires this work based on love for others, not with paternalism but with a brotherly approach.

Somebody said that the best is always yet to come and we believe and wish so, so in order to make it true, we will ensure that our work is up to such task.
nuestra contribución.

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